Sunday, September 28, 2008

We Are More Utilitarian :)

What happened to my WAMU?

Q. When can I bank at Chase branches in my area?

A. We'll be working hard to combine systems as quickly as possible so you can begin to enjoy expanded branch convenience in your area, and we expect system changes to begin late next year. We'll let you know in advance of any changes; in the meantime, simply continue to bank at WaMu branches as you do today.

Q. Why is it going to take a full year for me to be able to use Chase branches for simple things such as an atm withdrawal, since they bought you out? There are so many Chase branches in the city!

A. Chase still wants to be able to collect that $3.00 convenience fee for another year in case you have to use a Chase ATM, and we will still be able to charge you $1.00 for using another financial institution's ATM machine.

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Will said...

Just read that Citigroup is buying Wachovia. Pretty soon all personal finance will be handled by ONE bank. We won't even need ATMs anymore, we can all just carry around digital cash dispensers (which they will still charge $3 to use).