Monday, September 8, 2008

Great things about Orlando/Winter Park not Disney

Red Fox Lounge
It's socially acceptable to drink Coors, Keystone, Vodka &Gatorade,Yuengling
Also socially acceptable to drink the above poolside or in the pool
A room block at the Mt. Vernon Inn guarantees immunity from all hotel rules
It is possible to get tan or sunburn at 10:00am
*3 credit cards and your ConEd Bill is sufficient I.D. for TSA at MCO
Unabashed use of waterfalls for decoration
You can walk through Wal-Mart and eat Taco Bell/Burger King/McDonald's without the guilt
*Note: TSA will mark your boarding pass as "special," pat you down, and go through your bag to individually swab all of your shoes to make sure there is no residue that tests positive as a basic material for a bomb or explosives of some sort. Allow at least 1 hr at security checkpoint before boarding time

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