Saturday, December 6, 2008

It Ain't Right!

Century 21 shows me that there is no such thing as an economic recession (It is predicted by 2012 that we will struggle to buy food)
Rent in my neighborhood still exceeds $1000 (that's per person)
The value of my Bachelors Degree finally increased
"Hooking" as an attractive occupation if faced with the threat of lay-offs (meet me at the St. Regis)
Independent stores in New York that have survived the Savings and Loan Crisis and Recession in the 80s and 90s are finally forced to close down
Please read this and re-visit the site, often
"Low Low Prices" at Wal-Mart have driven people in Long Island to reach a new low, can we please detach that place from New York and send it on over to Mumbai
Forcing people to look at a Nativity scene, and not allowing a placard extolling the Winter Solstice to be placed near it is of high importance to some Olympians