Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It Ain't Right!

Waiting on line for 2 hours for the Daily Show and not getting in, and finding out afterward that Bill Clinton was the Special Guest!!!! (I can get VIP tix now if anyone wants to go soon)
David Blaine said 60 hours straight. He takes breaks every 45 minutes... I saw him standing with my own 2 eyes (drinking water and peeing in a cup - he should've gone to the bathroom like a decent person at that point)
Even Jews can't get a steady job nowadays, tutoring/babysitting/catering barely pays the Upper Westside rent
Lame NYU kids overcrowding shows at Webster Hall
ATM receipt of Wall Street banker balance reads: $97, 084.23
Everyone I know is living paycheck to paycheck!!!
AIG commercials are still running
I haven't been shopping in the LONGEST time

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