Wednesday, February 10, 2010

NYC Crazies

Spotted: Larry Alexander Himself
Location: Downtown A-train
Behavior: Sitting in the seat adjacent to you, leaning forward every now and then to divulge secrets of the past.
Defining Characteristics: Glassy-eyed concerned stare into nowhere, urine stained slacks, properly folded hands in lap, heavy week old whiskey breath, greets you with Happy Holidays (post-holidays)
Reveal of the day: "Phyllis Lawrence" (pause) "She killed herself" (pause) "Behind Larry Alexander" (pause) "A man."

Chaos Reigns in the Cost of Health Care - Prologue

Here's a run-down on the progression of Health Care starting with September 2009. I have broken this up in chapters to make this a more easy read for you. I will be writing more from here up until post February 25, 2010 Obama symposium:

September 2009: Gang of Six - Senators Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and others - vs. - Max Baucus Senate Finance Committee Chairman (D-Mont.)
-Max Baucus effort to gain support from 6 key Republican Senators for a "broadly" bipartisan bill
-proposed legislation that does not include the public insurance option
-includes health care cooperatives
-supports a new tax on health insurers who provide high-cost plans
-a new fee on insurance companies to pay for reform, designed to raise $6 billion per year starting in 2010
-supposedly would expand coverage to about 94 percent of the American people
-Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Mike Enzi of Wyoming, have signaled in recent weeks that they might not be able to sign on to a compromise
-Pelosi stated that the public insurance option remains “essential” to passing a bill in the House
-repeated signals from the White House that Obama doesn’t consider it essential at all.
-$900 billion plan that’s likely to be controversial: a mandate that would require every American to either purchase coverage or face a penalty
- What is the cost of this penalty? $950 for an individual and $3,800 for a family above 300 percent of the poverty line. For families at 100 percent to 300 percent of the poverty line, the maximum penalty is $750 for an individual and $1,500 for a family.
- Republicans found one provision they liked: allowing younger people to buy only lower-cost catastrophic coverage.

What does this all really mean? I will refer to Bill Maher's conversation with former Cigna Exec Wendell Potter (he was the Head of Corporate Communications):

Bill Maher says: "Blow Job to the Insurance Industry"
Wendell Potter Breaks it down for you -
-Catering to the Special Interests
-Continuing of cost shifting
-Give industry wide latitude to put us into high cost plans
-Guarantees more Americans would go into Bankruptcy
-Still corporate friendly
-Republicans don't like some of the restrictions on the free-market options, even though corporations are benefiting from it
-Needs to be a public option, if not health-insurance industry wins
-Higher premiums, insurance industry has more levarage to reduce subsidy for people to afford bad insurance
-Plans with high deductibles
-Guarantees 40 million more people as new insurance customers

Video can be found here

*I can definitely say that since last year, I have already been experiencing higher deductibles after a co-pay with my health insurance already...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NYC Crazies

Spotted: The He-Man Lesbian Hater
Location: L-train, boarded at 6th Avenue
Behavior: Preaching to the ceiling in the middle of the train car
Defining Characteristics: Hetero- Friendly plastic frame glasses, Faded NYPD oversized nylon jacket, no-homo baggy jeans and skull cap
Speech of Choice: "Why is America introducing Lesbians to kids? All they want to do is watch American Idol, and that's all you see on American Idol. Talking about lesbians and not stopping the fucking war. Nasty stupid lesbians ain't going to win that war for us. Lesbians shit out they ass just like men shit out they ass. They all have a smelly shitty ass like a man's ass. Why don't you stank fucking pussies go and fight the war. You all are a bunch of stank pussies, you ain't gonna fight that fucking war for us. You bunch of stank ass pussies."