Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mr. Gaffe and the Maverick

*Famous quotes taken from CNN (and the V.P. candidates)

Palin said Obama and company do "too much finger-pointing" to stay true to their focus of change

"There have been huge blunders in the war. There have been huge blunders throughout this administration, as there are with every administration"

"But for a ticket that wants to talk about change and looking into the future, there's too much finger-pointing backwards to ever make us believe that's where you're going," she said.

Biden responded with, "Past is prologue."

To which Sarah Palin responded: "The Bush administration opened up access to the Tongass Forest earlier this year to private corporations to build new roads which will sustain jobs and subsistence for the residents of Southeast Alaska, so I too am Pro-Log."

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