Friday, February 27, 2009

Guns for Drugs for Butter

Recent rise in gun smuggling, should we all get one? Will there be another American Revolution?
People are starting to realize that the decriminalization of pot isn't such a bad idea after all, opponents argue that marijuana is the number one cash crop for drug cartels in Mexico (everyone knows that the good stuff comes from elsewhere)
You can still afford to dine out after adopting the Quantity vs. Quality method, I have never been so motivated to open a cheap shitty restaurant (does anyone want to go to Damon's Frugal Friday or Halfsteak Wednesday at Craftsteak, it may be a 2 hr. wait but its haute cheap)
Cut your phone off and use google/aim/yahoo v chat, cut down cable to basic and a few other unnecessary life things and you can save around $4,000 a year.
People are giving up hope on finding a job... globally
Federal Government takes 36% stake in Citigroup, now I'm ready for my bailout, Quote Christine Romans (CNN financial correspondent) "It's gonna have more of a say they say in what goes on with Citi." - Your money is safe in the bank....
Government plans for Iraq: We're going to Afghanistan! Keeping a residual force in a "non-combat" role of (almost inserted a $ here) 35-50,000 troops
Can the U.S. win in Afghanistan? Did the Soviets win in Afghanistan? Will we step on/clear all the landmines in Afghanistan? Are we the new Soviet Union? Do you think Robert Kaplan is excited for a Peshawar Part II?
Global Warming Initiative that is going to boost (increase) our utility bills
"By 2020, America will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world." - President Barack Obama
Pakistan is pissed again
Brand new video of Mumbai terrorist attacks surfaces

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