Thursday, February 26, 2009

News Run-Down

Royal Bank of Scotland loses $A61.34 Billion
If you would like to go Cardigan-less like Michelle Obama and are not a youthful 25 yr. old that works out, then the key is to make sure that you are covered everywhere else. Sleeveless, while staying modest and being covered from neck to knee, gives a youthful, but respectable look.
The $3.66 Trillion Pie: Obama's official budget released - $1.75 trillion deficit will slowly decline to $533 billion by 2013
19 month withdrawal for U.S. troops in Iraq
Hey Obama can we get a report of that daily C.I.A. briefing?
Man points laser and blinds man in helicopter
Tiger Woods still swingin' after reconstructive knee surgery
The viral pedaling pooch video - OMGz check it out LoLz!
People in Fargo North Dakota: "What Recession?" - Booming business in Fargo, Let's go! Unemployment rate is 3.4%, Aerospace firm is growing in personnel, Homes are not losing value, Largest budget surplus in the nation, Did not get caught up in sub prime mortgages, Conservative bankers and savers had only 3 foreclosures last year
GM posts $9.6 Billion loss, loss of $29 per share - Give more bailout money to the Automobile Industry, so they can not hire people back, spend more money and make more cars, so people can take out those loans and buy those cars that were made after all of those cars that people didn't buy in the first place.
Hillary Clinton butts in on child custody case: Mrs. Goldman took her child to family vacation in Brazil and never brought him back. After ex-Mrs. Goldman died, Brazilian court gave child custody to the husband she married after David Goldman. Hillary is going to hang out with Brazilian Prime Minister and is planning on bringing it up in conversation about how they are in violation of an International treaty.
Geert Wilders "Al Qaeda of the Netherlands" comes to America - he's not against the Koran, he's just concerned with the way terrorists interpret it, right?
Straight A's won't get you into/keep you in college anymore, no more rewards for getting your education on, it's all about the Benjamins

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