Thursday, March 5, 2009

Paying Down the House

The Obama plan for foreclosures:
$75 Billion mortgage fix
Aim to help 4 million people to avoid foreclosure
The government owns Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which guarantee/own most of the mortgages in the country under $700,000, now can pretty much do whatever they want/need by leveraging the portfolio they now have in housing to lower interest rates (includes commandeering your house if needed... I kid)
Possible by using Net Present Value Test: is there greater value when putting them (people that have been in default) into a loan modification?
Criticisms/Possible Problems:
Take a borrower currently in default and put them into a loan modification plan, then the recidivism (re-default) rate has been over 50% in a normal market which could be a far greater percentage with the state of the current market
Lower interest rates without qualifications: people don't qualify due to income/LTV issues
Incentives to borrowers to make them stay in their house and make payments is counter-intuitive, it's what they should be doing in the first place

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