Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Seven Year Hole

Please be advised there may be extended hours of construction as part of the Ground Zero rebuild which is adjacent to the hotel. Some streets may be closed at times to vehicles due to construction...

Priceline Booker: So I see on your website that there are extended construction hours going on around your hotel. What is that all about exactly?....

Guest Service Agent: Well sir, we are right across the street from the World Trade Center site. It is a 24 hour, 7 days a week project that we have no jurisdiction over. The city has many contractor's and subcontractor's working around the clock to ensure that that Freedom Tower is built by the projected year of 2011.

PB:Well just how loud is the noise, are the street closures that bad, and are you really going to charge the full rate with all of this happening?

GSA:Sir, the severity of the noise would have to be based on an individual's sensitivity to it, and where they are placed at in the hotel. If you are on a higher floor and facing away from the construction, then you may not notice it at all. Priceline gives you an extremely reduced rate as well.

PB: Well if I book now, can I be guaranteed a room on a high floor and facing away from the construction?

GSA: I'm sorry sir, but unfortunately we would not be able to accommodate you with that request. Rooms are selected at the time of check-in.

PB: Well it's just unfortunate that you can't accommodate me with a high floor room or a reduced rate with all of the construction noise and traffic and all..

GSA: Sir, what happened in 2001 was unfortunate for us all. Due to our location and circumstances, we have been trying to the best of our ability to satisfy all guests that decide to stay with us here at the hotel.

PB: I think I will book elsewhere, I don't want to gamble a good night's sleep at your hotel.

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