Thursday, July 24, 2008


5 Reasons to Consider O'bama for the Presidency:

He may or may not have lied about a thesis he wrote – “Soviet Nuclear Disarmament,” which was supposedly written around the height of the cold war. He proved that no one really cares about what you studied in college and you can half-lie or make things up if you wait 25 years to talk about it.

He used to smoke cigarettes and use other substances as a young adult in college (just like me and you), and has publicly declared it (unlike me and you).

He exercises twice a day to stay fit for the campaign trail and his workout routine makes headline news.

He knows that the majority of Middle America won’t vote for a black man, so he decided to not waste time there and went to Berlin to appeal to the Germans instead. (And: Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Israel and the Palestinian territories – soon France and the G.B.)

Made Ebony Magazine’s list of “The Top 25 Coolest Brother’s of All Time” - among the ranks of Prince, Jay-Z, Samuel L. Jackson, and Denzel.

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