Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NYC Crazies

Spotted: The He-Man Lesbian Hater
Location: L-train, boarded at 6th Avenue
Behavior: Preaching to the ceiling in the middle of the train car
Defining Characteristics: Hetero- Friendly plastic frame glasses, Faded NYPD oversized nylon jacket, no-homo baggy jeans and skull cap
Speech of Choice: "Why is America introducing Lesbians to kids? All they want to do is watch American Idol, and that's all you see on American Idol. Talking about lesbians and not stopping the fucking war. Nasty stupid lesbians ain't going to win that war for us. Lesbians shit out they ass just like men shit out they ass. They all have a smelly shitty ass like a man's ass. Why don't you stank fucking pussies go and fight the war. You all are a bunch of stank pussies, you ain't gonna fight that fucking war for us. You bunch of stank ass pussies."

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