Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An Open Love Letter

Dear Kyra Phillips,

Watching you on CNN is such a spiritual experience for me. You are seriously taking news anchoring to another level. I loved how when you were talking to Stephanie Elam for her little Energy Fix segment, the two of you started improving with each other, showing how truly great you are at segueing from one story to the next:

Stephanie: "If you need more of an energy fix, you can go to, Kyra..."
Kyra: "Or... just, you know, bring you off every 15 minutes or so..."
Stephanie: "Hey... I'm happy to come out and give you, give you a fix whenever you need it Kyra"
Kyra: "Give, give me my fixes...Thank You, I love my Stephanie fix"
[Cue the schoolgirl giggles for Kyra's attempt at "sounding Black"]
Kyra: "And by the way..."
Stephanie:"And I love my Kyra.."
Kyra:"Awe....alright, we'll move on. See ya Steph."

Sheer genius! I can see that a few inches off and shades more red with the hair has given you more of a commanding presence in the CNN Newsroom. You totally cut Steph off and smoothly transitioned from talking about wasteful fuel cells and battery packs the size of a card deck that you can only use once and then discard, to the Green Bag Lady and how she is starting a revolution against plastic bags that remain in landfills for 1,000 years.

Then you had Rick Sanchez on briefly before he took over with his show, and you were discussing excessive force by police in reference to Robbie Tolan's shooting. You dictated the conversation again, asking Rick to "Take a look at the context here..."

Kyra: "Black man in a nice car, pulling up to a a nice house, one of the cops was white..."

What insight! You really know how to bypass all the minor details and uncover the truth in any situation. Why did I not follow your steps with a degree in Journalism? I too could have my own show on CNN and be on T.V. at this very moment, talking to you! With all of this said, I would simply like to thank you kindly for enriching my Wednesday afternoon today.

Yours Forever More,


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